The Lab

In 2019 I started down the path to becoming an amateur mycologist… It all started with a simple grow your own mushrooms at home kit, not only was it fun, it was tasty. Being the obsessives compulsive person I am, one thing led to another.

One of the key components required is a good sterilizer, you need to sterilize all the materials used to grow, otherwise it will not be mushrooms growing 😉 after months of using a simple pressure cooker, I broke down and got a real machine…

All American 75x Sterilizer

The other key to being able to successfully grow mushrooms at home is having clean environment to work in, I stated using a sand blast box, but ultimately found a great deal on a used commercial grade Flow Hood.

Flow Hood for conducting sterile procedures

Next piece was a proper fruiting chamber, I ended up making my own humidifier and customized a cheap greenhouse from amazon.

So far I have been able to produce some amazing varieties of mushrooms that you can typically not find locally in stores.